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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

On Jury Selection, II

Jury of Peers -- what is it? What are your peers? I hear of juries being picked by race; what qualifies as peers? same socioeconomic status? same state? what?

This is discussed a mite further (with anecdotes similar to my own) on TalkLeft.

I knew a former trial lawyer once (currently repenting of common lawyerly sleaziness) who said that he and his fellows did all they could to make sure people with higher than a high school education were not on juries. They do not want intelligent and reasoned people, he said; they want gullible, easily swayed people who won't look for flaws in arguments. Probably people like those Jay Leno has on from time to time, like the girl tonight who identified the Kremlin as Creme Brulee and the guy who thought the GOP elephant was an Elmer's glue advertisement.


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