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Thursday, September 25, 2003

On Freedom of Religion

What the?
Officials at the Lynn Lucas Middle School in Willis, Texas, have been served with a lawsuit filed on behalf of three students who allege that one teacher forbade two teens from carrying their Bibles in school while another prohibited a student from using a book cover displaying the Ten Commandments.

The federal lawsuit, filed in Houston and served on school officials Monday, alleges that the school violated four provisions of the U.S. Constitution, three in the Texas State Constitution and two state laws.

The suit alleges that teacher Sara Flottman, on seeing two teenage sisters carrying Bibles to a Saturday morning make-up class March 11, led both of them to the principal's office, threw the Bibles into the trash and declared, "We don't allow this garbage here."

The teacher went on to threaten having CPS take the girls away, apparently only for the crime of having Bibles.

They mention a Houston Chronicle article on the subject. Anyone hear of this from a more consistently reputable news service than WND? Seems to be a few years old; I would have been out of the country when this took place; but I'd like to hear if this story is true.


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