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Monday, September 08, 2003

Bill White For Houston!

First, see the comments on this post. The first 2, if more have arrived.

Then: vote for Bill White if you're registered in Houston! (I'm not.) I know this man personally and know many people who have interacted with him professionally. Sure, he may have worked for the liberal side on national things, or even state things, that have squat to do with Houston. This is an extremely honest man, one who actually will work against graft instead of just promising to, one whose supporters include board members of Character Education, non-profit Houston lawyers, a museum founder, and other such people who work to help their fellow man rather than profit off of him. Michael Berry can't say that.

Sanchez is going to be a no-show, I'm predicting. Pretty much all of River Oaks is politically liberal and throws their big parties in honor of people who vote Democrat, no matter what their platform for Houston. Houston's not going to get a mayor who would be a Republican if he were in DC.


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