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Monday, August 11, 2003

On Micro Center

I have fixed my computer; the problem was that the motherboard was shot. So confiscated the kid sister's (as she only uses a laptop anyhow) and all's done. Had thought that perhaps I needed a new power source, though, so I head out to Micro Center by the Galleria to get myself one. Get home, fiddle around, find out I don't need a new one; my old one works just fine, and I also have the sister's one. So, plan to take the (entirely unused) newly-purchased power source back.

I went back to the store and explained that I wanted to return it. "This doesn't match what's on the outside of the box," the lady at the counter says. Fine, perhaps something bizarre has happened, although I didn't even do anything more than take it out of the non-shrink-wrapped box and then put it back in. So, I take it home, look at the other power sources (both my old one and my sister's); none match what the box says. Obviously, there's been a mix-up, either at the store or somewhere before that.

Back to the store, new shift, new people at the desk, and I try a different tack. I explain that I want to return it because the power source in the box I had purchased was not the one the box had on the label. The clerk goes back to consult with the manager. Manager emerges after quite some time and says, "this isn't what should be in the box." I say, "yes; that's why I want to return it; the product in the box was not the one the box led me to believe I was buying." He says, "but I can't take this back -- it's not what was in the box. It's not what we sold you." I reply that I know it's not what should have been in the box, but it is what I purchased. I pull out my old power source, which I'd brought along, to emphasize that it can't just be a stupid mistake on my part. I point out that the boxes aren't shrink-wrapped or taped or anything and perhaps someone was looking at several in the store and got them mixed up. He then gets quite angry and accuses me of being a thief, trying to cheat them, bringing in my old parts with "some sort of a story" pretending I have something to return... my word. What ever happened to "the customer is always right"? There's no way I'm going back there again. I don't care if people say they're better; I refuse to give my money to any company that will treat me that way. It's just not worth it.


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