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Tuesday, August 05, 2003

On General Convention, II

The Episcopal church hasn't got this much news play since Henry divorced Catherine, one wag said.

Anyhow: I'm distressed by the way this whole thing is playing out.

On the computer front: some at OutRight are claiming that mygoodnessme we never had anything even remotely questionable on our website -- if anything was there, we must have been hacked into and it was put there and we just didn't notice! Of course. But there were strong enough denials to please the powers that be. In any case, Bishop Spong writes an often obscene and vulgar sex column, a column with little similarity to the church norms he swore to uphold, and he receives only praise from the Presiding Bishop, so perhaps even directing it at twelve year olds is now the in thing.

On the "inappropriate touching" front: this is what disturbs me. The charges were deemed not serious enough to warrant a full investigation. As far as has been given out, the statements made by the accuser are not being questioned. However, they are being cast aside for two reasons at least: I hear from one quarter that, since there was no "power imbalance" between the Canon Robinson and the accuser, there could not have been sexual misconduct. Sexual harrassment can only take place where there is a power imbalance. Good to know. Another source tells me that word is being put around at the Convention that it was quite intolerant of the accuser to make the allegations, as such behavior is what comes naturally to homosexual men and should be accepted and tolerated as part of who they are. Also, good to know. Grab your equals where they'd rather you not, and not only is that not inappropriate, but it's entirely within your rights and they'd be intolerant to complain about it.

Were it not that I know and am very close with homosexuals who do not believe these outrages and who do not lead bizarre lives, after hearing things like this I'd be tempted to believe that they are all sick and depraved.

UPDATE: Of course, the kid sister thinks it's a turn for the better; that truth and morality are changeable, "tradition" means "old-fashioned things that should be abandoned without a thought" rather than "things that have stood the test of time and might be worth keeping," and the Bible writers obviously only thought that God was speaking to them. We wrote the Bible, so we can change it; and the church must change to match the present culture. Oh, ok.


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