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Friday, July 18, 2003

On Conspiracies

So, this morning, my father walks in and complains about borrowing my car because, according to him, all six of my preset AM stations are "loony right-wing talk radio" -- on the contrary, I'm a proud pre-set listener of AM 790, the old oldies station (music from the forties, and so forth), 740, the generic news station, and three international stations that are occasionally Hindi or German, along with one talk station that doesn't exactly always count as right-wing, or even vaguely right-leaning, although it does carry Rush.

My father has recently developed some issues with exaggerating or entirely making things up when they fit with the story he's telling.

Anyhow, the station I'm assuming he was referring to, Houston's more high-profile talk station (AM 950), is clearly extremely right-wing during the time I normally listen to it -- in the mid-morning. Yesterday, the topic of choice was how stupid Bush is. Today, during the five minutes when I tuned in, they were discussing how Blair has ordered the assassination of people who disagree with his pro-war stance. Of course. You say, "he's been reprimanded for talking to the media in an unapproved way, but his job is not in danger and no further action is being taken," just to throw people off your scent -- and you pay his wife to say that he was acting really stressed and said that this was not a world in which he wished to live any longer -- and then he turns up dead, and you hope they won't realize that you had him killed.

So right-wing.

But that theory reminded me of something better on one of the other talk-radio hosts the other day (an afternoon host who's 2/3 of the time not political at all -- yesterday, a heated discussion on whether "old farts" should be allowed to drive -- yeah, not the most talented or likeable guy): come up with your loony conspiracies about Bush! He led off with the theory that Bush caused Hurricane Claudette (with a French name, to further tarnish the image of the French). Other people called in -- and some of them, you couldn't tell whether they were serious or not, as many of their conspiracies are presented as fact by the DU crowd. Bush brought down the space shuttle, for example.

Ah, what a world.


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