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Tuesday, July 22, 2003

On Celebrating Deaths

Some people are dancing around celebrating the deaths of Saddam's sons.

(Reminds me of a joke I was told back in grade school: "Did you hear they've got Saddam's sons? Now they just have to Bag Dad!")

Anyhow: I don't think you should celebrate anyone's death. You can agree that so-and-so had to die, but you had ought to regret, not cheer, that they were a person who had to die.

I hear some comments this evening saying, "I wish they had had a trial." Fair enough. Personally, I think it's easier for all concerned, including the sons, that they are dead, and not having to go through the whole thing (eh, what if they won on a technicality or what-all?). Plus, what with the comments about it not being fair to try Taliban folks in Afghanistan, "because it puts people in the clearly biased position of judging their own oppressors" -- dang, those two would probably be supported by various groups, and their trial would have to be conducted entirely by people not biased against them. Gee, wouldn't that be fun?

So yes, I think it's better that they're dead; I still mourn that there are such people in the world who are better off dead.

UPDATE: Salam Pax agrees that it's easier for them this way. He, along with many others, would prefer that they had it a bit harder.


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