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Thursday, July 24, 2003

The Old South

I'm off to Louisiana in the morning, doing the grand tour of old plantations near St. Francisville. A recent Chronicle travel feature emphasized that we should focus our tour not so much on the plantation manor houses, but rather on the slave shacks where most of the people worked (the town houses where the non-slaveholding whites worked being mostly gone by now). All well and good if you're going for a historical trip to look at the lives of the average person; but we're not there for history, neither to see the average life nor to glory in and long for the good old days when whites were served by blacks (as the article implies all previous tourists went for). We're going because we enjoy looking at big houses and fancy furniture. Not having it ourselves, we do this in Houston when we're lucky enough to be invited to a River Oaks or Shadyside home, and we travel to Louisiana to see the utmost of finery. Could care less about the color or lifestyle of those who lived in it -- although I know my mother's main thought will be, "goodness, it would take forever to keep a house this size clean!"

Anyhow, we'll have a grand old time, and will be back Sunday night. Bob will be back from India a few days after that; I can hardly wait!

Question for commently discussion in the meantime: Letterman or Leno? Why?


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