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Saturday, July 05, 2003


If I'm rather off my normal few-a-day post schedule, it's because I've got:
-more limited computer access -- only when my father's not on the computer, people aren't in here reading over my shoulder (I just can't do anything, clean, cook, or especially read and write, when people are watching me or reading over my shoulder), I'm not out at the gym or whatnot.
-more things to do that aren't in a room near a computer -- must go spend all money possible at Wal*Mart or Target (K-Mart closed in Texas? I can't survive!), must pick up brother from airport, must do family things such as watch excellent fireworks displays.
-more time entirely away from internet access -- at grandparents' ranch, at new and non-cabled apartment, etc.

I should be done with much of things by August, and will keep posting irregularly until then.

But then Bob will be back from his month of impressing the heck out of my family, making me proud of him, increasing his med school chances, and saving the world -- in other words, volunteering his services at a tuberculosis hospital in the tribal hills near Mysore in South India. Eh, but he sleeps late.


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