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Saturday, July 12, 2003

Angel Street

I heartily advise those of you living in Houston to get over to Alabama and Kirby sometime soon and watch the A. D. Players' production of "Angel Street," the play on which the movie "Gaslight" was based. I went to opening night last night -- it was fabulous. The play, not directed by Hitchcock, is not only thriller but also comedy. The female lead is no Ingrid Bergman (the most beautiful woman ever in film -- Grace Kelley's perfect, gold and bronze, but Bergman's interesting), but she's still excellent. And the detective inspector is so entirely engaging. I think the play may well be better than the movie (the same cannot be said for the Miller Outdoor Theatre production of "The Sound of Music," unfortunately).

Go see it!

And I'm off to the grandfolks' ranch and then up to Austin again. Back in a few days!


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