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Monday, June 02, 2003

Senior Week

Tonight was the "moonlight cruise," a trip around Boston's harbor on a frigidly windy boat, surrounded by selected members of the senior class.

In a string of observations which never ceases to amaze me, much of Harvard Radcliffe Christian Fellowship (our InterVarsity affiliate) was on the "booze cruise," adamantly not drinking, while no other members of Christian Impact (our Campus Crusade affiliate) were there -- they were all at church. I was amused to ask one of them a few days back if he were going; cigar in mouth and beer in hand, girl on lap, he said, "no, can't go, I've gotta go to church!" CF people are noted prudes, not drinking, not smoking, often being opposed to kissing too much before marriage (which is all fine, if that makes them happy); the Campus Crusade people, on the other hand, all drink heavily, several smoke, and are certainly not opposed to getting it on in very very slightly restricted ways. Their only check is their almost universal attendance at a local church that meets at 7pm on Sundays; the preacher is dating a recent CI grad, which explains the draw. So, the only night of the week one can see CF people "partying" (but not even dancing too much, for that might be suggestive) and a notable absence of CI people will be Sunday.

My only other thought: certain members of our class are exquisite. (She's cool, too; she wrote a letter to the Crimson defending Israeli policy. No ditz or popularity-seeker there.)


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