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Thursday, June 26, 2003


Aargh. Anyone but me not liking the new blogger format? The only good point is that it makes you preview what you're posting, so you can see if you've forgotten to close a tag. But I can't save my post without publishing it -- and I usually save my longer posts several times along the way to protect against blogger's frequent outages. [update: realized I can, by clicking on "preview" and then not choosing one of the button options. Still, it's on a different page.] Can't just scroll down to see what I just posted and reference a post six or seven down. And much too much wasted grey space on this screen.

I give up; I'll go make a fabulous and healthy dinner for grandparents instead.

[bragging] Anyone who's planning on spending time with me, I'm rather a good cook -- and a healthy one too, but I promise it won't taste like health food -- and I like cooking for people. Just ask! [/bragging]


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