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Wednesday, May 28, 2003

"White Trash"?

I'm rather disturbed by a scene I witnessed on the subway today. Coming back from a trip to town, we stopped at a station where a youngish (~20) black guy stood between the doors, holding them open and preventing the train from leaving, even after a PA message saying to stand clear of the doors, until his friends sauntered in. One woman said, in the brassy Bostonian manner, "Don't block the doors, people; the train needs to leave! take the next train!" --at which point the original door-blocker stood right in her face and started shouting, over and over, "white trash! white trash! white trash!" while she, visibly scared, tried to scoot further back into the corner of the train. Thankfully, the guys got off at the next stop (which is visible from the first one -- Downtown Crossing to Park -- and much easier to walk), or else I and I'm sure some other passengers would have called MBTA security.

I hear so much about the power structure and intimidation inherent in the system; that may well be true, but it seems pretty obvious who held the power and was intimidating.

It's sickening to see such a display of outright unapologetic racism; I hope I never do again.


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