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Monday, May 19, 2003

Tact or agreement?

I'm tired of people saying that the only reason for not participating in rude and in-your-face protests would be agreement with what would be protested. Unlike most presidents, Clinton never tires of criticizing and ridiculing his successor; as far as I recall, other presidents have tended to limit their criticisms to, "well, I would have done things a bit differently," and then not said much more about it. Truman couldn't stand Eisenhower, but, my high school history teacher assured me, kept his opinions pretty much under wraps while Eisenhower was in office. What does that mean, according to some people? Not that Clinton's unique, but rather that Bush is unique in deserving ridicule. And the reason GHW Bush resisted temptation to say things about Clinton? Clinton was entirely beyond reproach.

It's the same with protest marches. The reason there weren't pro-war marches (at least not until people just plain got fed up)? It's obviously that nobody was pro-war. Not that people of that bent tend not to be involved in political marches, seeing them as silly and ineffective; not that people of that bent (at least the ones I know) are likely to go to work if they have a contract to be there and are likely to be at class if they have signed up for one. Nope, it's just that no people of that bent exist, if they're not expressing their opinions in exactly the same way as the anti-war crowd.


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