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Saturday, May 10, 2003

Scum of the earth

This is disgusting. A girl, schooled largely at home, given nearly straight A+ grades by her mother, and exempted from courses (P.E. and fine arts) that didn't come with extra weighted GPA points, was named valedictorian of her school; because it would have been impossible for any other student in the school without the special exemptions of non-weighted courses to match her GPA, even if they matched or exceeded her grades in all the same weighted courses, I hear, the school decided to name the highest-achieving regular student as co-valedictorian. I hear he would have had a higher GPA than hers, if he had been exempted from P.E. But being named co-valedictorian was a disgrace, apparently, so she and her judge father are suing for $2.5 million.

There's more on the case and on her father here:
A state judge threatened to manipulate rules to ensure his daughter became valedictorian of the graduating class at Moorestown High School, Superintendent of Schools Paul Kadri contends in court papers.

But the judge's daughter claims the district is discriminating against her, and she has sued in an effort to ensure that she remains the high school's top student.

In court papers, Kadri contends Superior Court Judge Louis Hornstine last fall said he would "use any advantage of the laws and regulations to give (his daughter, Blair Hornstine) the best opportunity to be valedictorian.

"I don't care if others get hurt," Kadri also quotes Hornstine as saying in a meeting between the two. "All I'm interested in is what is best for my daughter."

One email I have seen on this adds,
Furthermore, it's not even clear that Hornstine's disability is genuine. Her lengthy resume includes the Congressional Gold Medal for Youth, one of whose requirements is the completion of 200 hours of physical/sports activity. And she was an Olympic Torch Bearer as well. And she's traveled to China to speak to disfigured girls. And participated in model congress trips. But somehow she's still too fatigued to sit through a day of school or take a gym class, when her GPA is in question...

I'm so glad "class" and "taste" are no longer automatically congruent with birth -- and they never have been uniformly related with economic status. This way, regardless of her family's money or her father's profession, it is clear to anyone that she and her family are singularly devoid of both, along with many other social virtues.

Her name's been widely broadcast here at Harvard, and I hope she is made to feel ashamed of what she is doing. (I also hope that, should it turn out that she was forced into it by her parents -- like the boy in my class whose parents had a press release on their son's Harvard admission -- and actually is not the type of person to do this, she, like press-release guy, will be accepted as a regular person with unfortunate parents. And, because holding grudges is silly and pointless, if she was in the wrong, but apologizes and attempts to make amends, I should hope that people accept that and her.)

UPDATE: Looks like she won her case.


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