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Friday, May 09, 2003

Personalized Poetry

A poem written just for me:

Listen to do you get accepted, interpretation of
the truth in France have changed
in GujaratThis is
when the muslim pigs as is
weighted heavily in brought you think problematic if I
have someone in jail
for it was selling out the
supposedly rhetorical well, Plus, the wake of
Christ, he can no friends
and then Matthew Yglesias. Goldberg, and detachment and
the most recently had been
The author of
themselves deciding
among them with, a role for her ; to check
it out with quite
a picture just weird and
I have complained that
not refrain from India. and it is
a weeknight, my translation
from the tag, fold your head of what
he said it ourselves, first, Indian prints to have
as I know not
translate German,
words appear at meetings if no they
invited any
more people grow out of
woman apparently; Doctors and everyone
was about, half
admirably individual argument. I before.
in the part of hoop skirts and
my footnotes all
take a conference held in the world
so I swear I think that even
the people are going
to make
government .


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