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Thursday, May 15, 2003

On Krav Maga

Daniel over at Trivial Pursuits has an excellent series of posts on Krav Maga (which I always want to write, in good Sanskritic form, as Krav Marga, the way of the Krav, the Way of Contact). I am quite sure I wish to follow up on his suggestions and start taking this. Not just for self-defense; also for fitnesss; as it's time I got away from Jane Fonda on my TV. Anyhow, he says:
I love that KM is Jewish in origin, that it is Israeli, that it is the antithesis of victimization. As a Jew, I refuse to be a victim. I will fight if need be, I will protect me and mine, with the ferocity of ha'ari. I will not run and hide. My roar will be heard across the veldt. I will be the lion.

Very nice. Several other personal things exist there as well. Everyone, go read him.


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