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Monday, May 19, 2003

Israel, just like Saudi Arabia

It's just the same, it seems. You get ready to meet and make big offers, and what do you get from the people you're trying to please? Four suicide bombings in a day and a half. You ask them why, they'll sometimes tell you quite openly that they won't give up until every Jew has left the entire Middle East -- "push Israel into the sea" and all that. Kind of hard to negotiate with people who admit they won't accept anything short of your nonexistence.

UPDATE: make that five in two days.

How do the anti-Israel activists react to such an obvious correlation? I was a squishy idealist moderate on the subject ("well, both sides are wrong, but they'll work it out somehow") until someone pointed out the direct relation between Israel doing what moderates and liberals want them to do and increases in violence, and told me to go research the stated goals of both sides. Then, my opinion changed. But I'm sure not all the anti-Israel people are as uninformed as I was; does anyone have any idea how one can see this recurrent chain of events and say it's Israel's fault and they need to make more concessions? I honestly don't understand it.


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