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Saturday, May 24, 2003


Went to conservative minyan at Hillel today; not being Jewish, I generally only go to Jewish things on special occasions, such as bar mitzvot and funerals and such. I had an absolutely fabulous time; were it not for my excellent priest back home and my refreshingly orthodox church visit at Easter, I'd be tempted to become Jewish. Well, and were it not for my actual religious beliefs. But, one of the main members of Hillel here is Catholic, recently baptized at that, and that doesn't seem to hold him back or bother other people; he's leading services next week, at popular request. So, while I probably won't go pseudo-Jewish like him, it's nice to know it's not impossible. I will definitely get to know people at UT who will take me to services with them, though, just as I always find people to take me to their different churches.


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