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Sunday, April 13, 2003

WWI Memories

Archaeologists in France have uncovered the remains of 24 British first world war soldiers, near the 1917 battlefield at Arras.

It's a small news item. Apart from the irony that the corpses were unearthed on the site of a new BMW car factory, there is nothing particularly remarkable about the discovery of body parts in one of the world's most notorious killing fields. And yet, and yet...

Those 24 men helped, in their lives and in their deaths, to change the world. They were present at one of the great turning points of modern history, which shaped the lives of generations and transformed Europe utterly.

From the Guardian.

Hard to believe that was nearly a century ago. You think about and learn about a time period enough, you feel like you remember it. The human mind is strange -- a modern homo sapiens version of collective memory, I suppose.


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