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Sunday, April 06, 2003


My word, these people should be dragged into the street and shot (for my mother's verdict of choice for people who mistreat children). Vegans trying to raise their baby that way, and dang nigh killing her. Fools. But! But! they were sincere, and they believe it would be morally wrong to feed her anything else! Damnit, idiots, sincerity counts for crap. Misguided sincerity kills just as often as not. You can sincerely believe the stuff you're drinking is water, but when it turns out to be bleach, your sincerity will buy you a pile of worm droppings.

And to think just last Thursday I was being frustrated with well-meaning yet brainless Jains and Hindus in Madras who picket the "Crocodile Bank" and demand that the crocodiles be put on a vegetarian diet by their keepers. I'd never imagined anyone would try to do something similar to a human baby.


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