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Friday, April 11, 2003


Now everyone is talking about it. Josh asks, are women not turned on by the idea of men with each other? I respond: speaking as one woman, I'm not. It just seems a bit ... painful, to me. Also, a woman can't really do all that much to another woman that a man cannot do and would not enjoy doing; rear entry, however, is, as far as I can tell, not quite as popular among women (the ones I know who participate in it tell me it's purely at their mate's request, and they'd be happier without). You've got to be able to identify with it.

Part of it is sociological, as well, of course. Because of the perception that guys jumping each other (or something milder) would have to wobble in that direction, and the lack of a widely-held similar perception for women, a man can see two feminine women enjoying each other and entertain a fantasy putting himself in the middle; when a woman sees two men enjoying each other, whatever other things are going through her mind, she's not likely holding too fast to the notion that they really want her to join in or take the part of one of them.

I mention that they must be "feminine" women enjoying each other because they have to be women whose appearance does not fall into the stereotypical "butch dyke" line. Two stocky women with scowls, manly demeanour, and short spiky hair are not going to turn men on as much as Pamela Anderson and Jenna Jameson rolling around, both because they do not have what many men want in a woman (breasts...) and don't look like the type of woman the man thinks might be interested in him in a fantasy world.

I'm curious about threesomes, though. Guys tend to want the 2-girl 1-guy variety. What do girls want? (Yes, I know, I'm a girl, I should be able to answer that. I've been damaged by being close friends with a beautiful lesbian, though, so I'm not sure if my answer is a general truth.)


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