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Friday, April 18, 2003

Sex Ed

R. Alex over at Owen's site (comments to this post, if permalinks are back) has expressed himself excellently:
I am caught between the facts that safe sex is better than unsafe sex, no sex is better than safe sex, learning about sex will likely increase safe sex, which is worse than no sex, but definitely better than unsafe sex.

So then essentially what the question would boil down to is exactly how many teens would have unsafe sex without sex ed compared to the margin of difference in safety between safe sex and no sex compared to the percentage of people that are going to have safe sex that wouldn't have without sex ed.

There's gotta be a math formula here somewhere.

Judging from my own sex ed class in high school in London, which was largely about how to make sex (of any variety) more enjoyable and why anyone who wanted to "wait" was silly and depriving themselves of a fun and safe experience, I think at least some grade school sex ed is weighted heavily in favor of the second part of R. Alex's equation.


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