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Saturday, April 05, 2003

Sanjay Gupta

You'll have heard by now that Sanjay Gupta, CNN's medical reporter, performed emergency neurosurgery on an injured Iraqi child. Apparently, he's coming in for some criticism -- he should have just stood by and watched the boy die without doing anything:
''I'm hoping and trusting that he and CNN set some thresholds,'' Steele said. ''I think it's problematic if this is a role that he's going to be playing on any kind of frequent basis. I don't think he should be reporting on it if he's also a participant. He can't bring appropriate journalistic independence and detachment to a story.''
Rosenstiel agreed that Gupta's objectivity is now in question...

(CNN, by the way, says they're proud of him and hopes he won't refuse to help!)

That's even worse than the well-meaning liberal lady I ran into at the gym last summer, who complained that it was "racial stereotyping" to have an Indian medical correspondent on CNN. They should have had a white person instead, she argued.


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