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Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Racism and the war

So you see a lot of signs claiming that the war is a racist war. Just why, I don't know. Maybe they think everyone (US, British, Iraqi, Iranian, etc.) who supports the war believes what the occasional LGF poster believes, that we'd ought to go in and kill all the "ragheads" we find. But the signs exist, anyhow. Even my favorite, by a loony in Boston Common who also had a sign opposing weirdos (didn't define which weirdos, or in regard to what, but did have a fun drawing of a purple alien strongly resembling Gonzo), getting mad at "racist Uncle Toms".... Well, until today, I hadn't realized that the anti-war movement could also be very openly racist. Came across a guy over on the Hindu Unity webboards who argued that the Iraqi people weren't worth fighting for and didn't deserve freedom or anything like it. Many such Indians are supportive of the war because it's killing Muslims and Arabs, yet disappointed and angered when they hear Bush and Blair talking about how the goal is to help those people.


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