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Friday, April 11, 2003

On Matthew Yglesias and Hate Mail

Yup, our classmate has gotten his first piece of hate mail. His assailant asks, "Are you even worthy of an Harvard Education?" While not a good thing in and of itself, that comment did at least make me feel in good company, as I've been told several times, by Harvardians, to my face (beginning with an entrywaymate at the beginning of freshman year; most recently by a blockmate in an otherwise friendly discussion), that I do not deserve to be at Harvard because I am not suitably liberal.

The blockmate, incidentally, has been known to add that I, and anyone who will not vote straight Democrat, should not be allowed to vote. (Yes, he's the one mentioned a few posts back.)

So, while Matt's appears to be a case of someone from the outside with a grudge against Harvard and its eliteness, and mine looks to be people from the inside who want to make Harvard more elite than would allow for my presence, it is nice to know that all varieties of Harvardians get crap, not just mine. Of course, I would rather that neither did, but, well, misery loves company and all that.

And now I've successfully reinstalled my printer, so it's off to to the thesis again. We've come up with a new addition to the Greek pantheon: the Hazes of Theses. In which I am lost.


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