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Monday, April 14, 2003

On Looting and Rioting

From over at the Brothers Judd Blog:
Officials assess damage, ponder prevention after hockey fan outburst (Pam Louwagie, April 14, 2003, Star Tribune)
Thousands riot after big loss: Pepper gas used; 90 people arrested (Concord Monitor, Apr 14, 2003)

No, the above is not a headline you're likely to see over such stories when they involve white American college students rioting after a mere hockey game, is it? Despite the breakdown of social order in two of the freest, most affluent, most homogeneous political entities known to man, few (except we) are likely to argue that the American Revolution has been discredited or that Americans are incapable of governing themselves. Yet, when Iraqis, with their tamped down tribal rivalries, rioted in the wake of their first breath of freedom, after decades of brutal dictatorship, the chattering classes are arguing that it reflects something important about the war that freed them and/or about the future prospects of democracy there. What nonsense.

You want riots and looting, go to many present or former members of the Commonwealth and watch a soccer or even sometimes cricket match. (What is it about sports fans that makes them INSANE?)


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