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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

On Israel and relationships

Daniel Goldberg has some excellent posts. That'll teach me to take a week-long break from visiting his site. He writes so nicely -- crisp and clean. Not the florid similes of James Lileks and sometimes Ross Douthat (although I really do like those); not the substandard grammar and spelling of many bloggers who can write well in real life but feel the computer frees them of that obligation; not the disjointed rambling with constant disclaimers and asides and occasional European grammar of my posts; not the often dry and overly academic (with brief bursts of hysteria) tone of Matthew Yglesias. Just plain English, with enough development to make it immesurably superior to Hemingway, and nothing to distract you. I appreciate pleasant writing. Not only that, but, due to the glories of first-name alphabetization, I appear at the top of the blogroll. That's thrilling.

(aside: will be updating my own soon. Anyone who's linked to me will probably show up. Anyone else, send me an email, I'll put you on.)

Anyhow, his posts. One, about Israel, currently near the top at the main page. (if permalinks are working -- blogger users, please republish your archives, and then you can permalink, as Oxblog reports -- click here.) It's excellently done, a dialogue-of-sorts explaining his views, and I mostly agree with most of what he says, which is quite nice.

A subsequent post on man/woman friendships is also rather good. I'd add another category, as we're obliged not to be heteropresumptive, the Dancer kept admonishing me: when you're in a friendship styled so that one person is of the variety likely to be interested in the other, but the other person is of a non-compatible variety. Such as when the Dancer, who has propositioned me (very mildly) in the past, was here. She's interested in me, I not in her, and we're the best of friends. Doesn't seem to work as well with two variously-varietied guys; works notoriously well with heterosexual girl and homosexual guy. Those, put together, work out to be: doesn't work well where it's a male who's interested in an uninterested friend. Perhaps due to the reputation homosexual men have for being willing to jump anything in pants they see, whether or not the pants are willing (a reputation I hear must not be reported as true, but sure fits with quite a few of my friends of that persuasion; the Dancer quite agrees and is disturbed by gay male subculture).

On the more common friendships of male and female who might be expected to possibly develop an interest in each other: I'll concur with Billy Crystal in saying that they usually can't be close friends at length without one at least becoming interested in the other, at least in my teen and early twenties experience. But, I don't think that's a bad thing, as long as there's no obsession, stalking, creepy and sudden proposals of marriage, and all that. A little tension isn't bad, as long as you don't let it go anywhere the other person doesn't want (and anywhere that doesn't fit with your views of morality, and all that).


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