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Thursday, April 24, 2003

On Gooseberrykeit

(Dang; English is short on suffixes that mean "-ness" -- other languages are better off in that regard)

Went out with the Beekeeper and the Jewish Boyfriend tonight, and I didn't feel at all in the way; they're wonderful people. I suppose it's different depending on the person, as some would feel uncomfortable when they're alone and a clear couple is there; I feel awkward when I'm with a couple who are clearly acting like they're not a couple out of a fear I'd feel out of place. Tonight, my companions were very clearly a couple, regardless of my presence, and I appreciated it muchly (how's that for adverbing an adjective?). So, for my various readers: if you're a couple, out with one person not part of a couple during that excursion, make sure which of the two they're more comfortable with (and which of the two you like). Don't just assume they want you to be sitting off in your own ├╝ber-celibate box! I like my friends to enjoy themselves, especially when they're both great and fit so well together.

UPDATE: This post is an example of why one should not blog at 2:30 am, especially not after a scorpion bowl and having just read a German newspaper article. The grammar is so anguished! It all makes sense, though, if you read it hard enough... and the point does still stand.


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