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Wednesday, April 09, 2003


I also have an improved version of Kafka. Much nicer print. Has inspired me to keep working on my translation of his shorter pieces. I did a very nice translation of much of the Betrachtungen, and want to expand it to other bits like Das Urteil and In Der Strafkolonie and so forth. Maybe I'll have a full translation of Kafka some day. Some day after the thesis.

Note, I do not have any hopes of getting it translated. I translate so that I will have an English version that is as satisfying to me as the German. Therefore, it reads thickly and is clearly a translation from the German, but that is the kind of translation I like to read. It gets across more of the detachment and the structure of the German than most English translations, especially the Muirs' work (someone who's ideologically opposed to the German language and syntax should not translate German, as they lose so much of what anchors the wandering thoughts). It's fun, my own personal project, and satisfies me entirely.


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