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Tuesday, April 22, 2003


As would be expected, Josh Chafetz said it all better, and a year ago. Excerpt:
And multicultural societies are fertile breeding grounds for intolerance. Multiculturalism is a kind word for balkanization: it argues that there is an inherent value to keeping foreign cultures "pure" and intact, undigested within the polity. It tells us that we must respect the way other cultures treat their women or their gays, because they are just that: other cultures. It tells us that teachers who take off points for papers written in "ebonics" are cultural imperialists. And it tells people in other cultures that they can't have things they want. "You want to eat at McDonalds? Sorry, you can't. Don't you know that McDonalds and the Internet and the movies you like are destroying your indigenous culture?"


An adjacent post is excellent as well.


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