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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Cooking Light

Having an apartment next year (if they ever send me a lease form) will be so nice. I'll have to remember to pay the electricity bill (I'm so scared of forgetting that), but everything else will be great. What gets me most excited, besides being able to have my cat, is that I'll be able to cook for myself.

Those who know me know that, while I don't look quite like a cheese-eating Minnesotan and I definitely underweigh most of my father's rural North Carolina family, I definitely enjoy my food and am not exactly talented at staying trim. I have found the perfect solution for me: Cooking Light. Their recipes are easy to cook, they are healthy, and they taste wonderful. The recipes have no extraneous ingredients, so, if you like all the ingredients, you'll like the finished product (and no, they don't have pizza milkshakes -- they're all ingredients that go together!), and, if you don't like one of the ingredients, you won't like the finished product. I've liked all but one of the things I've made, and that one I was hoping (in contradiction of the above rule) that the mushrooms would be unnoticeable. Another plus: the cookbooks have suggested weight-loss plans, where they suggest menus of their recipes and simple additions (an orange, or steamed broccoli, or something else needing no recipe). In those menus, you'll get the right amount of calories to lose weight quickly without sending your system into metabolic overdrive, you'll get all your vitamins and balanced diet stuff, and, drumroll please, you won't be hungry. It's a diet with good meal proportions. Yes, I'm a fan. In case any of my readers are also interested in healthy and tasty cooking, check it out!


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