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Monday, April 21, 2003


I ended up not going to the Cathedral, but rather visiting St. Thomas' Church on 5th Avenue. Such a perfect service -- incense, choirboys, Rite I full Anglo-Catholic pageantry -- and, to boot, the best sermon I've heard in months, calling people to something deeper than the pageantry and exhorting them to be true to the gospel. Almost makes me think the problems in ECUSA aren't actually all that bad.

New York was wonderful. It's such another world. Browsing in awe in FAO Schwartz, next to a huge Hasidic group (even the babies in the strollers tonsured, side-locked, with apparently glued-on yarmulkes) fascinated by a trick card set, by what appeared to be a family of eight identically dressed girls of various ages all piling on the animals, near an Asian tourist group with many small children wearing the same plaid skirt and blue shirt.... Hey, folks, it's FAO Schwartz's annual dress-alike day! (Either that, or I'd been walking too long and was seeing double and double.)

The Easter parade was a wonder, too, especially as I didn't know it still existed. Such hats! My demure church-going hat couldn't hold a candle to the live iguanas in another woman's hat....

Yes, it was fabulous. A great weekend with the Beekeeper Roommate and her many small siblings. And now I must work.


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