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Saturday, April 12, 2003

Anti-Muslim War?

One more follow-up on the Hindu Unity types (link at the left) -- and yes, I know they're extremist lunatics. Thing is, some of them are in India's government, so they're not exactly marginalized, no matter how small their number is, so I believe they should be watched. Anyhow:
What is the total number of muslim pigs killed in Iraq? It is in hundreds, if not the low hundreds. The coalition took great care not to hurt any of the muslim pigs, as if killing one of the oinkers will somehow make the skies fall. As if Arab opinion ever mattered to US and as if the US is posing to be a humanitarian agency lkiberating Iraq. The bottomline is the Iraqis are celebrating the Iraq victory. So the winner is the hardline Islamists who wanted to see Saddam go. Winner: sullas. Loser: everyone else. The world is paying for this war on Iraq.
What is the effect of the latest bombing in Afghanistan? A few muslims killed. The US is not moving one step of what is required to achieve vioctory. This is what I have been trying to highlight to some of the members here who are somewhat enamoured to USA: the US does not want to kill muslims no matter what they say.

There you have it, kids. The people who want Muslims killed are disappointed because it is so obviously clear to them that the war is not designed to kill Muslims. Protesters: get over it.


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