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Wednesday, April 16, 2003

The Aftermath

Why did I wake up at 7? Habit? Finally gotten enough sleep? no, I had Thesis Dreams. It was late, they didn't like the paper I used. The conclusion had a string of quotes I'd put in with no formatting and no analysis. I had left snide notes about my advisor throughout the whole thing. My footnotes all had the same number (ok, that one has some basis in fact -- my footnotes do start anew every chapter, instead of being consecutive as per the formatting suggestions). I had assigned the same pseudonym to two different of my interviewees -- or two different pseudonyms to the same one -- and they'll notice some contradictions or multi-quotes. My chapters were out of order, or missing, or in German. (I've actually done that last one before -- more often using German grammar in English, but occasionally German words too, when I'm tired.)

Friends who know tell me this is normal. They also tell me that, tonight, my thesis will come back graded with all sorts of horrible comments on it. I can hardly wait.


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