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Monday, March 24, 2003

Skepticism on Cipro

On reports, which I have no cause to doubt, that Cipro = plans for chemical warfare:
Meanwhile, CBS News Correspondent Phil Ittner reports that Army doctors who treated some Iraqi prisoners of war, believed to be some high-ranking Iraqi officials, found Cipro pills among the Iraqis’ personal possessions.

Cipro is meant to ward off the effects of a biological attack from several toxic agents, foremost among them, anthrax.

I have just this to say: as someone who has used Cipro, and who crossed India and Nepal with it always in my possession, it's used for a heck of a lot of things besides "warding off the effects of a biological attack," unless you can call drinking tapwater or eating an ill-advised salad "biological attack from several toxic agents" (actually, come to think of it... but that's not what CBS is talking about). Yes, it could be used for that. That doesn't mean they were planning on attacking. I'd bet lots of the US soldiers have Cipro too, not because they plan to use biological weapons, nor even purely because they expect to be attacked with them, but also in case they eat or drink or otherwise get infected by something they'd rather not have.


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