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Tuesday, March 18, 2003

On France

So, France is saying that they may help in the event of a chemical war. That's at least consistent with what some of the protesters at Harvard say, and, if it's serious, I'm moderately satisfied: that is, they believe that Saddam Hussein does not have any chemical or biological weapons, and the US is trumping up charges to have an excuse to invade. If it turns out he's got some, they say, then sure, he's evil, and ought to be fought.
If it turns out that he honestly hasn't got any, I (and many others) will be very surprised, but also rather disappointed by whoever's been doing the up-trumping. Then there's the often-silly Bill O'Reilly (I believe -- may have the wrong guy), who was on Good Morning America and predicted that, when we do come across said weapons, the French will accuse us of planting them. Then again, if they actually do (and officially, not along the lines of people who think the Pentagon crash was faked along with the moon landings), though, I'll have to alter my opinion of O'Reilly.


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