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Thursday, March 20, 2003

Grain of Salt

I have lost what remaining respect I had for the news media. Today is the day that Harvard freshmen find out what upperclass house they get into for the next three years. Large groups from each house come out to welcome them, with T-Shirts, celebratory signs, and flags with the house shield on them. It's also the day of the scheduled "walk-out on war." So, I just walked by a reporter from 7 News (the local NBC affiliate, "Boston's News Station"), standing in the freshman-welcoming group, being filmed, and reporting on the "hundreds of students gathered for the anti-war walkout; they're waving flags and signs and seem very excited." I don't suppose she asked any of the students what they were gathered for, or looked at the flags (what country's flag consists of three rabbits on green?), or read the posters (what anti-war message is contained in "PFlee the river"?).

So, when you hear about the rallies at Harvard... or, likely, anywhere else... make sure that the rally they're discussing is actually the same thing as what's going on behind the reporter!


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