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Monday, March 31, 2003


I always feel sorry for people who are trying their hardest to make people happy, yet still failing. One example can be found here, at CSUN. Hispanics are underrepresented in the Army, so Army recruiters are going places with disproportionately high amounts of Hispanics to try to get them to join up (in the US, the article says, 18% are Latino; at CSUN, nearly 25% are). Targeted recruiting is nothing new, and it's lauded many of the places it's done (when Harvard sends recruiters to mostly-black high schools where no one has ever gone to Harvard before, for example). The thing is, though:
"Only 12 percent of Latinos in the U.S. ever qualify to attend a university," Rosa Furumoto, assistant professor for the Chicano/a Studies Department, said last week. "Now, we finally have a few (Latino) students on campus, and we have the military wanting to drain off those students."

(Incidentally, for those who don't know -- like Ms. Furumoto, apparently -- ROTC and college are not mutually exclusive. If they join ROTC, that doesn't mean they are leaving CSUN.)

So trying to convince members of a group in a place where they are overrepresented to join a place where they are underrepresented is bad, now. I just hope that absolutely none of the CSUN people complaining about this will complain about the underrepresentation of Hispanics in the military.


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